On-Line Classes: Identifying Bats by their Echolocation Calls

Hybrid On-line Classes Teaching the Basics of Echolocation Call ID


For those preferring to learn at home or at the office, these courses include everything from Day 3 (WED) of our in-person field training, using sample data. Registered students receive links to video presentations, 100 sample WAV files, four “Exercise” assignments, and additional electronic resources and guides. These pre-course materials are tailored to include all bat species from one of four U.S. (and Canada) “regions:” Northeast, Northwest, Southeast, and Southwest. Upon reviewing the materials and completing the exercises, students will be invited to attend an instructor-led Live Webinar (approximately 4-hours in length) during which we will go over the exercises, provide additional insight into species identification, participate in call ID Q&A, and allow students to assess their performance on the exercises. Each module includes the following sections:
  • Introduction to Echolocation and Identifying Bats to Species
  • Identifying High-frequency Non-myotis in the Region
  • Identifying Low-frequency Non-myotis in the Region
  • Identifying the Myotis species in the Region


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Additional Program Details

Each Live Webinar is offered twice in 2021. The schedule for the Live Webinar in each region is:

Northeast - 15 June and 21 September

Northwest  - 29 June and 19 October

Southeast  - 4 May and 20 June

Southwest - 1 June and 10 August

Cost per regional class is $575 ea.