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Online Class: Acoustic ID - Bats of the Northeastern U.S. & Eastern Canada

Online Class: Acoustic ID - Bats of the Northeastern U.S. & Eastern Canada

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This Hybrid On-line Class will prepare you to identify bats of the Northeastern U.S. and Eastern Canada for all your future acoustic surveys.

Our “Bat Call ID” On-line Training Courses teach the basics of echolocation call ID and manual vetting. Courses combine digital resources with an interactive webinar.

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Each course begins with four mandatory video modules for students to view at their own pace. Each is followed by 20 “Exercise Files” for homework, allowing students to practice echolocation call ID concepts included in each video. The exercises should be completed at least one day but no more than 1 week prior to the webinar presentation. The course materials are available to begin reviewing immediately upon purchase.

The live Webinar Presentation will be a 4-hour, interactive discussion of the Exercise Files. Instructors will review the Exercise Files, highlighting key qualitative and quantitative call characteristics in both SonoBat and Kaleidoscope PRO, to illustrate how to make confident species ID decisions. This allows students to assess their performance on the assignment and ask questions about disambiguating species. After completing the course, students will have developed more confidence to manually vet acoustic survey data collected from the region.

Course Resources:
The resources include videos of Keynote presentations, each approximately 20-40 minutes long. There are 3 unique videos per region plus 1 standard video common to all regions for a total of 4 videos. Viewing the entire content for a single region will take less than 4-hours. After viewing, students will receive a PDF transcript of the presentations, additional echolocation call identification keys, plus a collection of 80-100 “Exercise Files” with worksheets for the region. Students should view the exercise files in a full-spectrum software program (SonoBat or Kaleidoscope, recommended) and complete the worksheets to identify the files prior to the Live Webinar.

Live Webinar:

All Live Webinars will be presented on a Tuesday, beginning at 9am CDT. Prior to the webinar presentation, students need to log-on using the link above to download the pre-course video materials. At the end of each video, additional links to download the video transcript (PDF of the presentation) and the Exercise Files is provided. Students then have time prior to the video presentation to complete the exercises and prepare for the live webinar when instructors will discuss the call files from each exercise and students can self-grade their work. Live Webinars are expected to last less than 4-hours, but depending on actual number of species covered and the Q&A with instructors, may last longer.

Choose from Live Webinar Dates April 4 or September 26.
Course resources are available immediately upon purchase via the login link above.


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NOTE: Students must have a full-spectrum echolocation call viewer to participate, either Kaleidoscope or SonoBat. Both are available as a free download. Click links for details. Online courses are non-refundable and non-transferable. Courses expire 6 months after purchase. Resources may differ slightly for each region and may be updated as needed.


    Bat Species Included in the Northeast Regional ID Class

    Hi-F Non-Myotis Lo-F Non-Myotis  Myotis
    Pipistrellus subflavus Corynorhinus spp. M. austroriparius
    Lasiurus borealis Eptesicus fuscus M. leibii
    Lasiurus seminolus Lasionycteris noctivagans M. lucifugus
    Nycticeius humeralis Lasiurus cinereus M. septentrionalis

    M. sodalis
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