Acoustic Survey Services

If you feel overwhelmed by the wide range of survey protocols, the imposing technology of bat detectors, or mountains of data to process, we can help! 

We provide: 

  • Second Opinions on AutoID Results
  • Data Processing, Manual Vetting, Reports
  • Complete Acoustic Surveys

We are experts on all bats commonly found in North America, in particular all of the species typically required by agency environmental reviews:

  • Florida bonneted bat
  • Indiana bat
  • Northern long-eared bat
  • Eastern small-footed bat
  • Tricolored bat
  • Little brown bat

Our decades of in-field monitoring and interpretation has provided our staff with the unique experience and insight to collect high-quality recordings with greater potential for accurate analysis. To date we have conducted projects across North America, logging tens of thousands of monitoring hours. Our value-added experience with equipment, deployment, and analysis efforts brings unique efficiency to acoustic surveys.

When results matter, especially during the relatively short window of summer bat activity, contact us for a full range of survey solutions.