Custom Trainings

Don't see what you need in our current Training Schedule? We can provide "custom classes" for 6-20 students to highlight any bat conservation or research technique of your group's choice. We will design a course just for you, tailored for local wildlife workers to "put it all together" and help you solve your bat survey needs. We will travel to the venue of your choice to present a classroom training or a combined indoor/outdoor hands-on class to take a comprehensive look at the local bats on your landscape. Our veteran instructors will help your staff rocket up the learning curve without falling prey to common pitfalls biologists new to bat study can experience. A Custom Training is individually designed at all levels for any organization, company, or agency, based on your needs or concerns for bat work. As the "local host" you get to specify the program content, length, and location.  Please contact us to discuss your specific training needs and goals.