Acoustic Survey Methods - Our small-group, semi-custom, field training courses allow students to choose a flexible combination of learning experiences for any specific needs. Offered at our flagship field sites featuring unparalleled bat activity and diversity.


Baker NV: 21-26 August


Combined Field Survey Techniques - Combining on-line learning, with in-person classroom instruction, outdoor field trips, and evening practicums, students travel to bat-rich field locations to get hands-on experience with a full range of bat survey methods from instructors with decades of practical experience. 

Great Basin National Park, Baker NV: 4-11 August

Mammoth Cave National Park KY: - TBA


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Bat Call ID - Learn how to identify U.S. and Canadian bats by their echolocation calls during an immersive, virtual on-line training class. 

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Northeast, Northwest, Southeast, or Southwest


Acoustic Survey Certifications - Receive necessary documentation to seek agency approval for carrying out acoustic inventories and/or manual vetting for compliance surveys. Sign-up for certification process on-demand.

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