Best Bat House

Interested in a solid bat house? Our partner Bat Conservation and Management has been researching, designing, and manufacturing bat houses since 1990. Most all wood bat houses fall apart after ~5 years, and so BCM has developed the ColonyLodge bat house with a thick plastic shell that may survive 25+ years without the need for maintenance. They have a design that relatively inexpensively expands the ColonyLodge to hold over 2000 bats. Even the lower cost plywood based DayLodge and DayRoost bat houses feature a seamless recycled plastic roof and a mounting scheme designed to last. Rocket Roosts are artificial tree roosts with different kinds of crevices which complement traditional "nursery style" bat houses. Built in the USA, suitable for bats throughout North America, designed and built by bat biologists, these are some of the best bat houses being made today. Approved by Merlin Tuttle's Bat Conservation & Bat Conservation International.

Please use these links below and Bat Survey Solutions will receive a small percentage of each sale which helps produce our educational programs. 


ColonyLodge Bat House


Large Bat Houses - Modular Bat Condos


DayLodge/Day Roost Bat Houses


Rocket Boxes - Artificial Trees! 

Best Bat House