BatSS Testimonials

The core training staff at Bat Survey Solutions, LLC has decades of experience working with all aspects of bat survey and research. And they all continue to engage at multiple levels in regional, national, and international bat work through conference participation, authoring publications, and conducting on-the-ground fieldwork. More importantly, we have all worked together since the mid 1990s to share our knowledge through time-tested training classes and field workshops, conducted all across the United States. Students of our courses benefit immensely from the breadth and depth of our experiences and from our selfless dedication to combining cutting-edge bat survey methods with the best available science. This is woven into the curriculum for every one of our events. When you register for a Bat Survey Solutions workshop, you not only receive the highest quality instruction during class, but you are also provided with a full range of workshop resources that are customized for your course alone. Most importantly though, all of our students receive on-going support from their instructors in the form of continuing education, follow-up, or collaboration, as needed, that is truly priceless. 

You can read more about our staff qualifications in our biographical sketches and discover more about the type of students who take our courses. And below you will find excerpts from student evaluations describing their experiences with instructors and curriculua.

Combined Field
Survey Techniques

CFST-KY, Park Mammoth (August 2016)

Terrific workshop! Well-organized, great resources and outstanding instructors!

This is a great workshop and I highly recommend it to anyone thinking about working with bats.

Getting hands-on experience with the various equipment allowed me to evaluate which options might work best for my future surveys.

Prepare for the intensity of acoustic monitoring. My mind was blown with the depth of it.

Wonderful job! I couldn’t have imagined a better class. Thank you!

This workshop had a great balance of instructor-led sessions and one-on-one time to work through the material.

I think this workshop is truly unique in its ability to provide experience and exposure to the most important methods of surveying bats.


CFST-CA, Tulelake (July 2016)

Everyone was awesome!

I was completely impressed by the availability of all instructors to answer questions and their abilities to stay up late with students for data crunching every night! Wow!

It’s so refreshing that instructors are so willing to share their information and guidance.

This has been the best and most informative wildlife workshops I’ve attended!

All instructors provided ample time for idea-bouncing and Q&A.

The workshop is outstanding and provides a huge amount of information and skills-training for participants.

I feel like the workshop covered the whole scope of bat research. Impressive!

Great job Janet, Joe, and John! I appreciate all the work that goes into preparing and putting on a high-quality workshop of this magnitude!

Instructors were always available, excited, and enthusiastically provided help.

This workshop was extremely beneficial and is highly advised for both capture and acoustic training. The manual vetting instruction session is vital for anyone conducting acoustic monitoring.

Lots of opportunity for hands-on field experience. Amazing instructors made the workshops interesting for novices and experts in the field.

This was a great experience! Janet is so organized, well-spoken, knowledgable and an inspiration to me for setting up my future fieldwork! Everyone on staff was very knowledgable, friendly, and helpful, and able to keep up their energy levels all week. Thank you!

Thank you so much for an excellent training. I feel it was so worthwhile!

You will learn so much information that can be applied to all facets of your job whether you are a field biologist or a biologist in a regulatory setting.

The diversity of instructor expertise was great!

Thank you! You guys are incredibly dedicated and passionate, and it shows!

This course was amazing for understanding bat identification and their habitats and survey techniques for different species. The course was very helpful in assisting me in the review of bat study plans and reports.

I very much thoroughly enjoyed this workshop. I learned so much. This information will be incredibly helpful in my job.

Acoustic Data

ADM-PA, Harrisburg (October 2016)

The after-hours “geek sessions” were great!

I got a lot of information and I have a lot of example files to take hope so I am looking forward to testing myself and practicing more. I am happy we got the “cheat sheets” as well, to use as reference material back home.

Fantastic class!

Great class and very helpful. I learned a ton. This is an excellent class to take!

Great class. It would be wonderful to come back every so often to get updated tips and tricks!

Leaders were readily available and always willing to help. I also had ample time to interact with the other students.


ADM-ME, Wells (April 2016)

Anyone working with bat acoustics would be a fool not to take this class.

Instructors are extremely helpful.

This event surpassed my expectations. I thought I was going to be lost the majority of the time due to my minor knowledge, but everything was very well explained with a perfect amount of detail.

Thank you to all of you! I am both excited and confident to go back and conduct surveys for clients. I appreciate your willingness to answer specific questions.

Very helpful, energetic leaders!

Great course! Great instructors who are clearly very proficient in the field of acoustic monitoring.

Best instructors ever! I wish I could work with you all more often.

Exceeded my expectations by a long shot.


ADM-MN, Duluth (March 2016)

This is a highly recommended course. I would encourage anyone interested in acoustic bat detection and data interpretation to attend this course.

The materials and expertise provided by the instructors are top notch.

A course like this should be required by anyone entering into the field of collecting and using bat acoustics.

This was really valuable.

Instructors were very generous with their time and answered all questions.

Well worth the investment even if you are a beginner


ADM-ME, Fairfield DOT Facility (June 2015)

Great crash course with lots and lots of information.

I loved all the resources provided. The reference calls are very helpful to add context for species identification.

This is a great course that helps establish confidence in your skills.

There’s a great combination of advanced stuff with essential foundation information.

Instructors were very available and willing to answer all questions.

Great course for bat acoustic data management.

This is a very helpful starting block that provides a lot of useful information.

Thanks for a thorough and informative class!


ADM-PA, Altoona (April 2015)

I love the amount of information you make available to the workshop participants.

Instructors were open, friendly, and down-to-earth.

Definitely improved my confidence in understanding, interpreting and comparing classification software outputs.

Good use of lecture and hands on demos.


ADM-IL, Alton (March 2015)

This is a very helpful course. I would not attempt to perform bat surveys without this base knowledge.

Auto-classification software comparisons were very enlightening.

This is a great course I learned tons and gained a lot of confidence in my abilities for performing bat acoustic surveys.

Exceeded my expectations. I learned so much and feel like a cloud has been lifted and and no longer fear (as much) the daunting task of processing and analyzing acoustic data.

Instructors were very knowledgable and helpful.

Instructors were very prepared, clear, and concise.

Sharing resources on detector settings, species call characteristics, and presentations is generous and invaluable for me to go home and use this stuff!

You can learn about most anything you want to, give the diversity of expertise available.

Its a good class for learning how to properly set up detectors, organize data, and learning not to completely trust automatic identification of calls.

This is a great option for an overview and kick-start to learning how to do acoustic surveys.

Great job in the geek sessions!


Survey Methods

ASM-FL (February 2016)

For anyone who has bought detectors, recorded a bunch of files and needs a non-biased, realistic plan to move forward - this class is the most important thing you can do to give transparent and honest reports.

Class is exceptional. The sincerity of the information and those teaching it is great. While intense, I could not be happier with the experience.

The conversation about policy and truthfulness in reporting vs protocol was refreshing.

This is a great class to take. Even if you don’t have any prior experience, you are able to follow along and keep up.

Very good class. Exceeded my expectation. I would recommend this class to other people.

Good instructor-to-participant ratio and plenty of knowledgable people to talk to and ask questions.

Amazing! Confirmed what I was doing right, but more importantly showed me what I was doing wrong!

The Instructors were amazing and very willing to answer questions.

The one-on-one help was tremendous!

Great training; it’s really going to help back home!

Having the field component each night made this a great training.

Well worth it!

You will learn a ton and walk away much more confident!

The one-on-one time was critical, extremely helpful, and plentiful during this course.

This is my 2nd time attending this training and its one of the best and most useful workshops to learn about bats. I will definitely be back for others in the future.

All instructors were always available for questions and too the time to explain things. The are all great!

This course was perfect for fine-tuning ID and analysis techniques.

Thank you for freely sharing your expertise with us!