Now Available: 2020 Bat Echolocation Research Handbook










The 2nd Symposium on Bat Echolocation Research was held in Tucson AZ in 2017.

This gathering was organized and underwritten by Bat Survey Solutions, LLC and brought together over 100 scientists from Canada, the U.S. and a dozen other countries. 

The “Bat Echolocation Research Handbook” is one of the outcomes of this event.


The handbook committee (Erin Fraser, Memorial University of Newfoundland; Alex Silvis, USGS; Mark Brigham, University of Regina; and Zenon Czenze, University of Pretoria) worked tirelessly with over 50 contributors to assemble this first-of-its-kind resource. The resulting handbook pulls together the most current information about the best practices in bat acoustic monitoring.
Chapters cover a wealth of information on:
  • Bat Echolocation
  • Acoustic Survey Design
  • Bat Detector Equipment
  • Echolocation Call Identification
  • Data Analysis for Reporting Purposes
They are complemented by five case studies of real world applications of how acoustic surveys have been used for bat conservation and management, with worldwide applications.

It is our sincere hope that you will not only find this guide to be a helpful reference in your personal or professional library, but that you will also be able to distribute it far and wide to your contacts and to those who seek more guidance for performing “sound science” using acoustic monitoring and bat detectors. Though written to appeal to a wide range of interests, we expect that anyone from seasoned professionals to citizen scientists will find the information both pertinent and accessible.

Bat Survey Solutions, LLC has been extremely pleased to have been involved in not only the Echolocation Symposium, but also the development of this handbook.  


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