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Bat Survey Solutions

Acoustic ID Quiz NE US & Eastern Canada

Acoustic ID Quiz NE US & Eastern Canada

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Avaiable Acoustic ID Quiz Volumes:

Echolocation ID Fundamentals - ID Archetypical Species Recordings

Score >80% Correct and Receive a Certificate of Completion.

Available late March 2023. To apply for a certification, we suggest that students have attended past BatSS trainings or have extensive in-field experience with collecting and analyzing bat calls. All in-person and online BatSS courses and workshops, as well as the in-person SonoBat Workshop by BCM include bat call ID instruction.

Students are assigned 50 sample WAV files that contain recordings collected from the region that exhibit archetypical qualitative and quantitative echolocation call characteristics for confident species identification. Students provide results of their analyses, in spreadsheet form, with their Manual ID answers and a brief explanation for their decisions for each WAV file in the collection. 

Results are submitted to Bat Survey Solutions. Upon receiving an 80% passing grade, a “certificate of completion” detailing the regional content will be issued. If in conjunction with a BatSS or BCM course, contact hours will be included. Keep skills sharp and impress colleagues and clients by completing additional volumes annually as continuing education.

In addition to regional bat calls, collections include non-bat noise such as insects, birds, and mechanical noise that can sometimes shares data space with some bat species.

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Certifications cover identifying full-spectrum recordings from North American bats (north of Mexico) only. All files assigned will have complete metadata identifying recording equipment used and location surveyed. Students may use the software workflow of their choice to analyze recordings (Kaleidoscope or SonoBat recommended; both are available as a free download).

Online courses are non-refundable and non-transferable. Resources may differ slightly from representations and change without notice. While anyone is welcome to take quizzes to sharpen their skills, certificates are issued to those who completed a full BatSS Online or In-Person course.

Certificates of Completion are a measure of proficiency with manual review of bat calls. Void if auto-id features are enabled in analysis software.

Certifications are “pass/fail” and do not include file-by-file results of student performance. Failing students are invited to re-test. All re-tests include a new collection of WAV files. A transcript with a detailed student performance review is available upon request for an additional $500 fee, payable in advance. Please allow 7-10 business days for certification and/or performance review transcript. 

Certificates are strictly limited to quiz completion for self-improvement purposes and is based on the honor system. Certificates in no way construe as an endorsement by Bat Survey Solutions, Bat Conservation and Management, or any agency that the certificate holder is proficient in authorized or capable of performing bat surveys for environmental review.


    Bat Species Included in the Northeast Regional ID Class

    Hi-F Non-Myotis Lo-F Non-Myotis  Myotis
    Pipistrellus subflavus Corynorhinus spp. M. austroriparius
    Lasiurus borealis Eptesicus fuscus M. leibii
    Lasiurus seminolus Lasionycteris noctivagans M. lucifugus
    Nycticeius humeralis Lasiurus cinereus M. septentrionalis

    M. sodalis
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