Echolocation ID Quiz & Acoustic Survey Qualification

To apply for a certification, we suggest that students have attended past BatSS trainings or have extensive in-field experience with collecting and analyzing bat calls. All in-person BatSS classes, courses, and workshops include bat call ID instruction. SonoBat Workshops by Bat Conservation and Management (BCM) also include bat call ID instruction.

Bat Acoustic ID

Mastering Call ID. Students choose one of 4-region packs and are assigned 50 sample WAV files that contain recordings collected from the region that exhibit archetypical qualitative and quantitative echolocation call characteristics for confident species identification. Students have 10 days to provide results of their analyses, in spreadsheet form, with their Manual ID answers and a brief explanation for their decisions for each WAV file in the collection. Certification will be issued if 80% of files are classified satisfactorily.

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bat acoustic certification

Acoustic Survey Qualification - Assess a Typical Survey

Certified Bat Echolocation Analysis with Manual Vetting Skills. Students choose one of 4-region packs and are assigned 250 sample WAV files from a single recording location in that region and are required to assess the collection, providing: (1) a complete list of species probably present; (2) a list of species possibly present; (3) the total number of ambiguous hi-frequency species, ambiguous low-frequency species, and (if applicable) ultra-low frequency species; (4) the number of any noise and/or non-bat recordings in the collection; (5) total number of feeding/drinking buzzes, and social calls or directives in the collection; and (6) identification of archetypical files supporting the decisions made for assigning recordings to the above divisions. Students have 10 days from assignment to provide a report with their analysis. Certification will be issued for a satisfactory report.

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Certifications cover identifying full-spectrum recordings from North American bats (north of Mexico) only. All files assigned will have complete metadata identifying recording equipment used and location surveyed. Students may use the software workflow of their choice to analyze recordings. Certifications should be renewed annually. Multiple volumes are available for additional levels of certification.

Certifications are “pass/fail” and do not include file-by-file results of student performance. Failing students are invited to re-test. All re-tests include a new collection of WAV files. A transcript with a detailed student performance review is available upon request for an additional $500 fee, payable in advance. Please allow 10+ business days for certification and/or performance review transcript.