Online Class: Acoustic ID - Bats of the Northeastern U.S. & Eastern Canada

Online Class: Acoustic ID - Bats of the Northeastern U.S. & Eastern Canada

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Learn from the comfort of your home or office.


This Hybrid On-line Class will prepare you to identify bats of the Northeastern U.S. and Eastern Canada for all your future acoustic surveys.

The class includes links to pre-course materials including: video presentations, sample bat echolocation call files, identification resources, and assignments. Instructors will follow-up with the class during a Live Webinar presentation to go over the assignments, answer questions, and help students gain confidence with echolocation call ID and manual vetting.

Choose from two 2021 Live Webinar Dates in 2021.

15 June    or    21 September

This interactive on-line course includes everything from Day 3 (WED) of our in-person field training, using sample data, and is split up into 4 mini-modules. Registered students receive links to video modules, sample WAV files, 4 “Exercise” assignments, and additional electronic resources and guides. The instructor-led Live Webinar will be approximately 4-hours in length, during which we will go over the exercises, provide additional insight into species identification, participate in call ID Q&A, and allow students to assess their performance on the exercises. Each module includes the following sections:
  • Introduction to Echolocation and Identifying Bats to Species
  • Identifying High-frequency Non-myotis in the Region
  • Identifying Low-frequency Non-myotis in the Region
  • Identifying the Myotis species in the Region

Bat Species Included in the Northeast Regional ID Class

Hi-F Non-Myotis Lo-F Non-Myotis  Myotis
Pipistrellus subflavus Corynorhinus spp. M. austroriparius
Lasiurus borealis Eptesicus fuscus M. leibii
Lasiurus seminolus Lasionycteris noctivagans M. lucifugus
Nycticeius humeralis Lasiurus cinereus M. septentrionalis

M. sodalis
NOTE: Students must have a full-spectrum echolocation call viewer to participate, either Kaleidoscope or SonoBat. Both are available as a free download. Click links for details.