Eastern US & Canadian Bats
A Dichotomous Field ID Key

A waterproof, tear-resistant, visual field guide for 18 Eastern bats, produced by Bat Survey Solutions

The dichotomous bat key, re-invented. Are you tired of watching field technicians that are new to bats struggle with text-based ID keys that were developed decades ago? We were, and felt it was time to leverage modern digital resources to remake the basic bat ID Key. This is our result. Full-color, high-resolution photos and illustrations are arranged "flow-chart-style" and serve as reminders of what to look for visually when confronted with an unknown bat. Helpful morphological metrics are immediately available, along with reminders about some of the more subjective qualitative characteristics used to identify bats.

The key also includes range maps, U.S. T&E status, WNS impacts, and helpful illustrations showing basic procedures to remove bats from mist nets. A quick reference to bat anatomy and illustrations showing bat-handling tips for stress-free ID and measuring, encourage techniques designed to be comfortable for both bat-workers and bats. Finally, visual references for assessing age and reproductive condition are clearly identified. For the first time, now all pertinent information needed at any data processing station, during any Eastern bat survey, is combined in one easy-to-use document. This key is a perfect resource for enthusiasts and professionals alike!

Developed by Bat Survey Solutions staff with 60+ years of combined bat ID and teaching experience. Tested during the 2015 and 2016 field seasons by our workshop students and colleagues. Concept, layout and illustrations by Ian Hayes. Photos by Timothy Carter, Gloriana Chaverri, John Chenger, Dustin Smith, and Megan York-Harris, Printed on weatherproof, tear resistant 11''x17'' 7 mil "paper" that can be wiped down for WNS decon.


Below: a high-resolution detail of a portion of the key . . .



Below: a low-resolution overview . . .



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US Eastern & Canadian Bats
Produced by
Bat Survey Solution, LLC. (2017)
1 double-sided page, 11''x17''
tri-folded 7 mil weather & tear resistant
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